Agreeing and Disagreeing Exercise

Agreeing and Disagreeing Exercise at Auto-English

1 Teacher: I'm tired.
Students: ____________.
A Neither is we
B So are we
C So are you


So am I
2 Maggie: I love rice.
Normy: Yuk. ____________.
A I do 
B I don't
C So do I
D Neither do I
3 Elly: I'd like to visit The Greek Islands.
Robby: ____________.
A So had I
B So would I
C Neither would I
D Neither had I
4 Polly: I went to the cinema on Saturday.
Pammy: What a coincidence. ____________.
A So was I
B So do I
C So did I
D So went I
5 Mary: I'm not going out tonight.
Shelly: ____________ .
A So do I
B I'm not
C Neither am I
D So am I
6 Billy: I hate tomatoes.
Lilly: ____________.
A So do I
B I do them to
C I do 
D Neither do I
7 Sally: I love chocolate.
Polly: ____________ .
A So love me
B So do I
C I love too
D I do
8 Tommy: I don't like pears.
Sally: ____________.
A Neither can I
B I don't
C I do 
D So do I
9 Polly: My Mum can't stand techno music.
Sally: ____________ mine.
A So are
B Neither can
C Neither do
D So can
10 Johny: I've never been to Granada.
Sally: ___________ .
A So have I
B So I haven't
C Neither have I
D Neither had I


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2003