Some and any exercise

Some and Any Exercise at Auto-English

Fill the gaps using either some or any.


I can see a house, a lake and _______________ trees.

2 We've got one dog, two cats and _______________ fish.
3 I like _______________ songs by Ricki Martin but not all of them.
4 There are _______________ chocolate biscuits in the cupboard.
5 I can't find _______________ books about dinosaurs.
6 Natalia hasn't got _______________ friends in Athens.
7 There aren't _______________ banana trees in Scotland.
8 Have you got _______________ games for your computer?
9 Are there _______________ messages for me?
Be careful! This is an offer, OK?
10 Would you like _______________ grapes?


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005