Still and Yet Exercise at Auto-English

The Still and Yet Exercise at Auto-English

She´s still not ready
She isn´t ready yet

Fill the gaps with either still or yet.

1 We ________ don't have any news from Roland. He's such a bad correspondent.
2 Keep ________, for Pete's sake. You never stop moving!
3 You're been playing video games all morning. Aren't you bored of it ________?
4 My jeans are ________ wet. I'll have to wear my trousers instead.
5 Begonia! Are you ready ________? We have to leave in five minutes.
6 I've been living in The Himalayas for 16 years now and I ________ haven''t met The Abominable Snowman. Poor show.
7 I ________ don't know where to begin.
8 I've been looking for my watch all week and I ________ can't find it.
9 Keep ________. You're making me nervous.
10 Have you finished with the paper ________?
11 I'm learning to dance the tango but I'm not very good ________.
12 I've been fishing all morning but I haven't had any luck ________.
13 You're ________ here! I thought you left hours ago.
14 Has the taxi arrived ________ ?


Written by Bob Wilson İRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005