Which Tense Do I Use? Exercise

Which Tense Do I Use? Exercise at Auto-English

Circle the correct answer.

 1 Dad, Ana _________ an ice cream.
A wants
B want
C went
 6 Next week we _________ snorkeling.
A 're going
B went
C will go
 2 I _________ Luis for a long time now.
A didn't see
B don't see
C haven't seen
 7 __________ the movie?
A Do you like
B Like you
C Do you
 3 In the summer, we __________ and go swimming everyday.
A sunbathed
B are sunbathing
C sunbathe
 8 I was listening to music when somebody __________ at the door.
A is knocking
B knocked
C was knocking
 4 Two people are sitting outside in the garden."We hope you __________ this marvellous weather as much as we are."
A enjoy
B enjoyed
C are enjoying
 9 The house is in a terrible mess. We've got workmen in . The plumber __________ a new bath and shower.
A puts
B put
C is putting in
 5 I __________ dinner when suddenly I heard a strange noise.
A was cooking
B cook 
C cooked
10 I __________ here now for over thirty-five years.
A am living
B have been living
C live
Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005