There is, there are exercise at Auto-English

There is/are Exercise at Auto-English

Use the correct form of there is/are to fill the gaps. Be careful about the negative sentences. Use your brain!

1 _______________ a lot of traffic in Valencia.
2 _______________  anywhere to park around here?
3 _______________  much sugar.
4 _______________  enough time to finish?
5 _______________  a few bananas and a few apples.
6 _______________  only one way to solve this problem.
7 _______________  anyone here who wants to volunteer?
8 _______________  many tigers left in the world.
9 _______________  a lot of information available on this issue.
10 _______________  any public buses in Los Angeles?


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005