Journey, Travel and Trip Exercise at Auto-English

Journey, Travel and Trip Exercise at Auto-English

The journey takes an hour
How often do you travel abroad?
We met on a trip to France

Fill the gaps with journey, travel or trip.


My ___________ to work takes 45 minutes.

2 Mum and I went on a ___________ to Thailand to see Brother Jim.
3 Have a nice ___________ .
4 The ___________ is far more comfortable by train.
5 When you ___________ by train, you can go and have a drink in the buffet car.
6 We're going to ___________ north to Chiang Mai.
7 Watch out! Don't ___________ over that root.
8 The scientific expedition embarked upon a long ___________ to visit The Arch of Ctesiphon.
9 In the 19th Century, Richard Burton took part in a famous ___________ into the heart of Africa.
10 The ___________ by bus takes ages.
11 I always try to ___________ as light as possible.
12 A little ___________ to Menorca would suit me just fine.
13 What animals did you see on your ___________ to Tanzania?
14 To ___________ alone or with a friend? That is the question.
15 My day ___________ to Delos, an island holy to the ancient gods, from Mykonos was unforgettable.


Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005