Used To or To Be Used To Exercise at Auto-English

Used To or To Be Used To Exercise at Auto-English

Circle the correct answer. Fill the gaps when you´ve checked your answers.

1 Jim doesn't have a girlfriend now but he _________________.
A didn't use to
B used to
C was using to


If you go to live in the United Kingdom, you_________________  on the left.
A 'll have to get used to drive
B 'll have to get used to driving
C 'd have had to get used to
2 People _________________ the Internet yet but in a few years time everybody will be surfing around like crazy.
A aren't used to using
B don't use
C isn't used to using


At first it was difficult for her to speak in French all the time but she _________________ to it now.
A is used
B uses
C gets used
3 I _________________ to play football when I was young. I'm too old and fat to play now.
A use
B got used to
C used
8 After the holidays it takes me a week _________________ up early again.
A to get used to getting
B to be used to getting
C to get used to get
4 Pepe Juan was in London for a year. He liked England but he _________________ the insipid food and the miserable weather.
A could ever get used to
B could never get used to
C can ever get used to
9 The queue in the baker's _________________ to be so bad but now it's terrible. It must be that new chapata bread they bake. It's delicious.
A didn't use
B didn't used
C was used
5 I've been getting up early every day for years but I _________________ to it.
A used
B am still not used
C am already used
10 Do you mind if I _________________ your phone?
A used
B am using
C use
Written by Bob Wilson İRobert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005