I wish and if only Exercise answers

I wish and if only Exercise answers

There are three distinct types of I wish / if only sentences:-

1 - REGRETS with the PAST PERFECT (the third conditional) e.g. I wish I hadn't got so angry.

2 - WANTING CHANGE FOR THE PRESENT OR FUTURE with the PAST SIMPLE e.g. I wish I had enough money to go to Mozambique this summer.

3 - COMPLAINTS with WOULD + INFINITIVE e.g. I wish you wouldn't arrive so late all the time.


1 I wish I hadn't got drunk and kissed Samantha.
2 I wish it hadn't rained so much. The garden's turned to mud.
3 If only I hadn't parked there, I wouldn't have got a fine.

Wanting change

4 If only I had more time for my hobbies.
5 I wish it rained more often in Valencia.
6 I wish I didn't have to go to your nephew's wedding.


7 I wish you wouldn't drink so much. You're a complete idiot when you're drunk.
8 If only it would rain. The garden's as dry as a bone.
9 I wish Samantha would wash her hair more often. It looks so greasy all the time.


10 I wish you weren't so horrible to your brother. He's a really nice bloke.
11 I wish the council hadn't demolished that beautiful old house. It was part of the town's heritage.
12 If only I had the money to go to Jon's wedding in The States.
13 I wish I hadn't told her she'd put on weight. She hates me now.
14 I wish you wouldn't speak to your mother like that.
15 If only we hadn't bought a Hewlett Packard printer. The cartridges are so expensive.
16 I wish Jorge wouldn't drive so fast. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone.


Written by Rob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2005