How to use the Lexmark series 1100

How to use the Lexmark series 1100

These're a short instructions to install a Lexmark X1150 quickly (I don't know how to make the scanner works).

You have to download the Z600 driver from the Lexmark home page:

  • Look for the ink printers
  • Look for Z605 model
  • Download the RedHat drivers

You only have to type: tar zxvf CJLZ600LE-CUPS-1.0-1.TAR.gz, it makes 3 files README, COPYING and You have to check if you have this files in the /usb/lib: o y o Now if you have * go to next step, if you have the * type ln -s and ln -s Now type sh -keep, this will make you a Installer directory, go in and type rpm -Uvh *rpm. If it display a message like this:

error: Failed dependencies: cups >= 1:1.1.15-10 is needed by z600cups-1.0-1

watch what cups you have: rpm -q cups. If its bigger than 1.1.15-10 you can make rpm -Uvh z600* --nodeps. Well that's all, now you have to use the configure your computer and select Z600 in your Lexmark model printer.

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