From this page you can download the last version of the Casio CTK/WK 
rhythm files player and the style to ckf converter.
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These program are free. You use it at your own risk (I'm not a professional programmer).
STYTOCKF converter
(please, note it's a very beta version!)
version 2.1
version 2.1b (Windows98)
version 1.22
CKFRHYTM file format:ckfrhythm.txt

Changes in CkfRhythmplayer:


A version intended to run in Windows98 (For Jim).


Improvements: You can import parts from other rhythms (Suggested by Jim). Only XP.(Download this. Last file was buggy.Sorry).


A few corrections. Only XP


Improved: now you can edit the real tempo. You can change the parameter modified in all parts simultaneosly. It seems only Windows XP


Added a simple chord progression in "Play All 1". Some little bugs corrected. It seems to run in Windows 98

V1.0: 2005-05-06 

Improvements: you can save changes made to parameters (tone,bank,volume,pane,reverb and chorus) to a ckf file. This way you can load the modified rhythm to the keyboard. (Suggested by Klaus)

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