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Welcome to my homepage !

This page is intended to be a help for all members of the JV44 Redwulf Squadron, as well as informative to all our friends playing Combat Flight Simulator on Microsoft Gaming Zone or IL-2 on Hyperlobby.

Please be aware this is not any apology of nazism in any way, which caused so many deaths in WWII. This page is only for having fun while playing with what we consider some of the most beautiful planes of that period.

If you are interested joining our squadron, you came to the right place. Just click on the bottom plane, and send us an e-mail !

In here you will find some, I hope, useful information on how to fly our bird, the Fw190d9 "Longnose" or "Dora" (in our case "Red Dora").

Some information on this site has been written by me, but much I have obtained it through the great book "Doras of the Galland Circus" by Eagle Editions Limited ( ) or I have collected it from the net so, please, don't consider me as the genius I would be if I had drawn up all of this. I also want to thank Mr.Tom A.Tullis ( ) for his wonderful art contribution.

Please read carefully the pages about Boom & Zoom (B&Z), Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM) and Formation Flight, as we practice them all in our meetings. Of course, you should read the rest of the pages, because you will learn new ideas on flying our "Red Dora".

Cya in the air.

Horrido !

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