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Finally, have just convert my dvds to .avi and uploaded them to megaupload so now you can... download the 13 episodes of Wildfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This website is about a cartoon produced in 1986 by Hanna Barbera , Wildfire (Fuego Salvaje in Spanish). It lasts 13 episodes and aired the first time in the USA in 1986 on CBS. In Spain it aired two times.

Fuego Salvaje y Sara

It's the story of Sarah, princess of Dar Shan, a magic world where lives Wildfire. Wildfire is a horse that can speak (like all horses of Dar Shan) and he can go to other worlds, like the Earth. He visits the mortal world to bring Sarah back to Dar Shan when there are problems. He protect her from all danger principally from Sarah's aunt, Diabolyn.

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