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Page with codes
In this page, you'll find all the fanlistings that I take part in buttons (50x50, 81x33...)
As I have many buttons in this page, it'll take some time to open (in banda larga - fast internet)
If you have a normal connection it'll take a long time (to open all page), then it's better if you get into text page.
Anyway, you have to be pacient in this page ^^"
Page with text
In this page, you'll find all the fanlistings that I take part in words, for example: Card Captor Sakura Fan.
The name of the thing or person is linking with the fanlisting page.
If you want to search for something, push Ctrl+F and write the fanlisting you want to search. For example: Sakura. You'll find the character Sakura, from the anime Card Captor Sakura and the plant Sakura (cherryblossom).
The Ctrl+F is good for owners of fanlitings. It's help then to find the fanliting link.
All the fanlitings that I take part is listed in the two pages (text and codes). If you want to see the code page, click here
This page is a pop-up page. It take some time to open, because I have many fanlitings ^^"
Bem vindos à terra Mizerablé, almejados visitantes! Aqui vocês encontraram um pouco das coisas que Janaína, uma otaku brasileira, é fã. E isto será possível atraves dos fanlistings e hatelistings que ela participa. Obrigado pela visita e boa diversão ^^
Welcome to Mizerable land, my dears visitors! Here you'll find somethings that Janaina, a brazilian - girl- otaku, is fan. It's possible by fanlistings and hatelistings that she take part. Thanks for your visit and have fun ^^