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Wellcome to this electro-netzine.

 We are on the net since 1997, following the previous work from our printed e-zine, born in the early years of the 90´s. Our main object is to create a wide space formed by info pieces of industrial, electro and techno music. On the other hand, to keep in touch with the coolest thinking and art´s trends.

In order to access easly, you can choose one of the following ways:

1) *Synergy* (Hi-tech, groove) here you will find only pure techno stuff and dance beats, as well as psicodelic reviews, artists of the scene, records and so on.

2) *Kinetik* (Industrial Corrosive Culture), you´ll be able to get acess to the latest issues index, to our own sect, an industrial bands archiv and a pictures gallery.

 On this site you can also visit our web for the dark electro band *Calva y Nada* and look for the desired news, reviews, interviews and links.