Reverse kick carve


It's not that hard to do a reverse turn. To make it a real challenge, do a reverse kick carve turn. Again, the idea is to weight the tail fully so you will be able to transfer the reverse turn to surfing without leaning forward and digging a rail.

Your front foot will be your back foot and you will have to wheelie and turn at the same time. You can practice some switchstance wheelies to prepare. The turn in the photos shows a reverse kick carve to the backside.

1) From a narrow stance on the middle of the board, the skater backpedals one step. The front foot is crossed back and placed on the tail. This is switch stance except the feet are turned in their usual direction. This means the front foot is turned out sharply, the back foot is turned in, and the legs are crossed. The turn proceeds to the backside. Usually the rail gets a lot of pressure on reverse turns, and they can be very whippy.

The arms are raised up. They help balance the reverse position. It's kind of a hand jive too.

2) Now the hard part. The new back foot continues to reach back and press down hard until a wheelie happens. The heel can be dragged. The front foot brings the board around in the air. The action of the front foot swinging with the foot turned out is very much like kicking a ball soccer style.


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