Fakey nose stance


This turn is going to have to be a strong move since the board is moving down hill and yet must rotate 180 degrees and keep rolling. Fakey nose stance is the strongest way to do it.

I think of fakey as a switch stance that is a natural result of a maneuver, or if switch is the easy way. True switch stance is opposite of what's easy. I call this nose stance fakey because in the nose 180, switch is the easy way.

With the right foot on the nose, the skater's normal pivot foot is in position to do a pivoting kick turn. The front foot, unlike a hang five, is fully weighted.

The skater gets down low to develop spring for the 180. He winds up his shoulders clockwise, keeping arms firm, stretched out and hands down low. Hands are important. Note the hands are not floppy, they are firm but not tense. His head faces downhill, aiding the windup. When he releases the spin, his head will lead the trick.


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