Nose wheelie


The nose wheelie is a balancing of the board while standing on the nose and rolling forward. It's similar in difficulty to holding a wheelie on the rear wheels, only a mistake is usually more disasterous. Tip forward too far and you will pitch off the board.

The technique shown here is the easiest way to balance a nose wheelie. The skater stands over the front trucks with bent knees and may bend or pike forward to balance. Arching nose wheelies are somewhat more difficult and will be covered later.

The idea in nose wheelie-ing safely is to set up a position that can be balanced and yet recovered from if the board tips forward. In this sequence the arms are stretched forward and back rather than to the side. The stance is low, with the knees deeply bent. The feet are close together, but it's not quite a hang ten. It's a very closed stance hang five.

The skater bends his knees and keeps his shoulders straight over the front wheels. There is a balance between the knees pressing the board forward and the hips holding some weight to the rear to easily recover from a tip that goes too far forward. The arms function the same way, with the front arm pressing forward and down to get the board up, but the rear arm ready to tip the board back down.

The skater recovers and drops the board close to the ground by pressing backwards on the back arm. The balance should be even enough that it only takes a little pressure on the balls of the feet to lean forward. The counter balance is best done with the back arm.

Here the skater leans the board farther forward. He still is evenly balanced and can recover, as his hips are well back. He keeps his back straight and maintains the balance of the shoulders right over the trucks.


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