Prison Walk


This is a classic longboard walking trick where you walk up to the nose and turn around and walk back. This walk allows you to pace back and forth on your board, hence the name prison walk. The variations on the prison walk depend on whether you wind up at the nose in cross stance or in regular.

The skater cross steps up the board ending in a cross hang five.

From the five he pivots to his left until he is facing backwards. The board continues to roll downhill. This is a fakey stance, but as soon as the walk to the tail starts, it will feel regular.

He cross steps regular foot toward the tail. This is a regular cross step but it will feel very awkward as the direction is reversed. You will feel the board want to shoot away behind you. The skater must make this cross step very smooth to maintain control.

He uncrosses and places his left foot on the nose (tail). He then pivots to his right and winds up in switch stance at the tail. He bends his knees and extends his arms to gain extra balance in his weak side stance.

The last picture shows how to pivot back into regular stance. The skater turns his right foot out until it faces diagonally to the right. One more cross step will be taken with the left foot turned in. This will put him in regular stance at the middle of the board.


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