I have one word of advice that may not seem cautionary but is. Even if you're not interested in high speed, it's good to practice going fast. One reason is, you never know when you might miss a turn or lose an opportunity to slow down because of someone getting in the way. Suddenly you're going really fast. You should be ready for this feeling, so you can stay calm.

There's not much bombing on these pages. Most of the maneuvers are designed to control speed, rather than adding speed. Most of surf style skating is performed at 0-20mph. The speed is controlled by turning and stalling to slow down, and pushing or pumping to speed up.

I always have a few mph in reserve. I like to push the speed up a bit until the trick falls apart, then back off into a comfortable pocket.

In talking to longboarders in person and on the net, I have concluded that I am going a lot slower than a lot of guys out there. Hardcore downhillers throw out numbers like 30mph, 40mph, and higher, and based on what I've seen they're not kidding. This is really a whole different style than what I'm trying to do here.

The whole idea of downhill implies pulling out all the stops to set record speeds. It's beyond my ability, so I say look to the specialists for advice in that area. There are special techniques for slowing down, sliding, avoiding speed wobbles, protective gear, and all sorts of things you need to know.

I've included some links to where you can learn to go fast safely, or slow down when you're going really fast.


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