RHYME I

I know a giant, strange hymn
that proclaims a dawn in the night of the soul
and these pages are cadences of that hymn,
cadences that the air spreads in the shadows.

I would like to write it, taming
man's rebellious and poor language
with words that would be at once
sighs and laughter, colors and tones.

But the struggle is in vain; there is no cipher
capable of containing it; and hardly, oh my beauty!
could I, holding your hands in mine,
softly sing it to you when we were alone.

Translation of Eugenio Florit

Libro de los gorriones (nº11) nº 12 nº 10
Rimas (Edición 1871) Rima II Rima LXXVI
Recitado por Antonio Mula Franco Recitado por Antonio Mula Franco
Original version

Incluido en: Rimas y Leyendas. Gustavo A. Bécquer. Ed. Francisco López Estrada y Mª Teresa López García-Berdoy. Colección Austral 403, primera edición de 1997. ESPASA CALPE S.A.