GIANT WAVES...

Giant waves that break with a roar
on distant deserted shores,
wrap me in a sheet of foam
        and carry me away!

Hurricane gusts that blow away
dry leaves from the lofty wood,
drag me in a whirlwind across the sky
        and carry me away!

Storm clouds that the lightning breaks,
you tip with fire your tattered edges,
drag me through the darkening mists
        and carry me away!

Have pity, take me where vertigo
will take my memory and my reason...
Have pity! I am frightened to be alone
        with my grief, alone, alone!

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
Translator: Brian Cole

Libro de los gorriones (nº35) nº36 nº34
Rimas (Edición 1871) Rima LIII Rima LI
Recitado por Antonio Mula Franco
Original version