Little Feet

      Little Feet

To doña lsaura Dinator

Little feet of children
blue with cold,
how can they see you and not cover you
dear God!.

Little wounded feet
cut by every stone,
hurt by snow
and mire.

Man, blind, does not know
that where you pass,
you leave a flower
of living light.

And where you set
your little bleeding foot,
the spikenard blooms
more fragrant.

Walking straight paths,
be heroic, little feet,
as you are

Little feet of children,
two tiny suffering jewels,
how can people pass
and not see you!

Gabriela Mistral
Translated by Doris Dana

Ternura (1924) Casi escolares  
English translation by Doris Dana
English translation by Mary Gallwey
Original version