Now there approaches, sire, or now is here

Now there approaches, sire, or now is here,
the glorious age for which heaven portends
one flock and one sole shepherd on this earth,
which happily for your own time's reserved.

Now so great a start, on this long trek,
shows you the object of your holy zeal
announcing to the world, as a reward,
one monarch, and one empire, and one sword.

Now the earthly sphere has seen in part—
and waits for all of it — your monarchy,
in which you, after righteous war, command:

for he to whom Christ gave His own device,
He'll also give the next, auspicious, day
on which, the oceans won, he'll win the land.

Hernando de Acuña
Translator: Alix Ingber

Facsímil   Edición Facsímil Varias poesías compuestas por D. Hernando de Acuña... Madrid, 1591.
Original version

Incluido en Alix Ingber: Hernando de Acuña