More than a mother as a saint to me
You were in truth. You gave me birth and died,
But Oh! my mother when you left my side
God kissed an angel in eternity.

Today when in my dreams methinks I see
Your smiling face, I gaze on you with pride,
And sigh, sweet mother, as I oft have sighed
While tears I shed when I remember thee.

And should we never, never meet again
How sad ‘twould be, but I shall always keep
Your image in my heart, and not complain;

For something tells me that you lie asleep
Because my suff’ring would have caused you pain
Because my weeping would have made you weep.

Julián del Casal
Translator: Jorge Godoy

Nieve (1892) - Marfiles viejos  
Original version

Incluido en el Hispanic anthology: poems translated from the Spanish by English and North-American poets, collected and arranged by Thomas Walsh....