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First of our scripts is a dhtml drop-down menu system. Their main characteristics are the possibility of including more than a menu, with multiple levels of submenus and all this being cross-browser.

The menu activates when the cursor is over the menu and it is closed when you click in a link, or on the elements of outside the menu, or when passes a defined time.

The definition of the menu was very simple, in such a way that with three steps and two functions a menu can be had operative. It is not necessary to write the position of each element, nor to specify of that he is son, thus is possible to change the order of the elements with no need to redefine all the elements or new elements can be added without problem.

In his design it has been tried to maintain a compact code and without consuming many resources of the computer, as they been to be constant controls of the position of the cursor.

0.9 New features

 •  Added relative position

 •  Hightlight of arrows and images

 •  Added text align

 •  Changed definition of images

Main features
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Support for different frames.
  • Auto hide.
  • More flexibility, applied to any menu element:
    • Colors
    • Width
    • Height
    • Target on link
Update 0.9.2
· Fixed bug in multiple relative menus
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