MARINO GUTIERREZ - Luthier (hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, harp, rebec) - Curriculum

The luthier Marino Gutiérrez playing the Hurdy-Gurdy

Azabache Folklore Association

Truébano folk group


The musical course of the luthier Marino Gutiérrez begun in his youth, attending to trumpet classes at Larrey Music Conservatoire (at Tarbes, France). Meanwhile, he started playing guitar, emulating his admired Pink Floyd and Deep Purple... Back in Spain, where he was born, Marino Gutiérrez's interests widened, paying attention to the Asturian traditional dances and songs.

In 1990, he joined the Azabache Folklore Association of Gijón, focusing on recovering asturian country music heritage. As a result of this, Marino faced the challenge of building some traditional musical instruments employed in Asturias. In a self-taught way, he became a luthier by building a rebec (kind of ancient fiddle), then two hurdy-gurdys, another rebec, a fiddle... Soon, asturian folcklore became small, and he started building reproductions of instruments from other spanish countries. Meanwhile, he attended different courses in order to improve his music-playing skills, particullary with the hurdy-gurdy and the rebec.

He also funded a folk music group called "Truébano". They eventually disbanded, due to the lack of time for rehearsal, but not before recording two LP's: "Cuadroveña" and "Na Nueite", in which Marino plays the rebec and the hurdy-gurdy.

The instrument of this luthier had been at conferences - "The Sounds of Tradition" (Gijón), "Jornades de la flaüta de tres forats" (Ibiza)-, luthiers exhibitions (Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos, Gijón), fairs and traditional markets: "Llanes al Cubo", "La ascensión" de Oviedo, "Fiesta de la Arrozada" (Miranda, Avilés)...

2004-2006 Marino Gutiérrez
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