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Luthier Marino carving a fiddle headLuthier Marino  carving a fiddle headHurdy-Gurdy made by the luthier Marino Gutiérrez

"It's necessary to save from oblivion everything belonging to our history, before it's lost forever"

His interest in traditional music have led luthier Marino Gutiérrez to specialize in the building of a variety of instruments employed in ancient, popular and folk music. Behind each one his creations, there are many hours of learning, investigation and documentation, in order to recover shapes, traditions and techniques about to be forgotten.

Hurdy-gurdys, fiddles, harps, rebecs...had been born in his workshop along with classic instruments like violins or transverse flutes. Many of them being custom models, built on demand for musicians, private collections, and even the Barcelona Music Museum. More than a mere reproduction of the original model, each one creation of this luthier is a musical instrument of superbe sound quality.

Luthier Marino Gutiérrez builds traditional instruments to order, meeting any special requirement, If you are interested in making or repairing any kind of traditional music instrument (hurdy-gurdy, lyre, fiddle, harp...), or just want to make any enquiry about them, please feel free to contact him at this e-mail account:

Marino luthier

Or just contact him by telephone, calling to this mobile phone number:

649 36 03 07

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