Asociaciones y Fundaciones

Asociaciones, Fundaciones, Grupos de Interés Especial y otras Entidades        

      *           Asociation for Behavior Analysis  


      *           BALANCE Special Interest Group


*           Behaviorists for Social Responsibility


*           Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies  .


*           Development and Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group


*           Division 25 of the American Psychological Association


*           European Analysis of Behavior Group Home Page


*           Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior (SIG)





                                               EUROPEAN BEHAVIORAL GROUP .-

This is not an association or group but an initiative for participating in the creation of European Association of Behavior Analyst


Here you are the invitation of the coordinator of that idea Jorge Campo :


“ Following the thread introduced by Luke Monahan and Per Holzt about the development of an European Association of Behavior Analyst, I just decided to create a first group of contact.

My main purpose is to develop the first stages for that possible association. This is just an starting point. I am trying to figure out how many people are interested on it. I believe this intranet would serve us as a provisional way of communication between us. You are welcomed to participate and share your ideas with us!"

An intranet is like a private website -- only people who join can see what's there. We can use the site to share files, pictures, and links, coordinate events, and keep everyone up-to-date on important group announcements. You don't need anything special to connect to the site; just a web browser and an Internet connection. But you do need to sign up to become a member.

Here's how to join... “Just click on the banner of EBG and mail to Jorge Campo to get your account in the intranet.



*           Los Horcones


*           Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior


*           Texas Association for Behavior Analysis


*           The B. F. Skinner Foundation


*           The FABA Homepage


*           The International Behaviorology Association (ISB)


*           The Mechner Foundation - a non-profit research foundation focusing on psychology and behavior analysis


*           Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group