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ColorFunction Image Generator Page

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ColorFunction Image Generator is a program that generates images that you can use for desktop or web  backgrounds or for any other use, it generates the image calculating a math expression for every pixel and every component of the color (red,green or blue),the math expression uses this variables:

The math expression is an expression that can use any math function: sin(Angle), cos, tan, asin, acos, atan(in radians), pow(base,exponent), log(value),log10, abs(value), sinh(value), cosh, tanh, floor, round,rand() (returning a value from 0 to 1), fmod, ceil,...
see the TCL expr help for more info.

Examples of images generated with ColorFunction:























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ColorFunction for Windows Setup: cfsetup.exe 1858K
ColorFunction for Linux-ix86: colorfunction10.tar.gz 1761K