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bump around vagina 11/29/2004. Bleeding after sex and bump, 11/22/2004. Itchy bumps around vagina, 11/22/2004. Smell, 11/22/2004. Vaginal bacteria infection, 11/22/2004 ...I keep on getting bumps around my vagina. I thought it might be a pimple, but it never came to a head, and it's hugely painful! It gets bigger and smaller ...Large Vaginal Lips With Tiny White Bumps · Little Bumps Around Nipples · Can The Hymen Close? Clitoris Pierced - Will It Be Harder To Peak? ...However, for a year I've had lots of small bumps around my vagina and anus, they do not look like the pictures of genital warts I have seen on the internet, ...Mollusca are harmless, painless, and itch-free bumps that are caused by a pox ... Genital warts (especially those around the vagina and anus) are usually ...I have many small white pimple-like bumps around my vagina and surrounding areas. I am 6 months pregnant and discovered them about 3 months ago. ...I have found a very hard lump of something in the lips around my vagina. Itís about the size of a pea but doesnít hurt. Itís also qu...When you first notice mild tenderness or a small lump, use warm towel ... If you feel an area of tenderness around the opening of the vagina and it doesn't ...An unusual lump or bump can be felt somewhere on the vulva. The lump becomes itchy and ... There could be unusual bleeding or discharge from the vagina. ...The vagina isníta smooth tube, it is a very expandable tube that rests in a folded, pleated, collapsed state. It curves around, there is a bump on the front ...

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