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vagina Self-explanatory? Here are stories and facts about my vagina, plus a zine, reviews, take-home activities... ?>.When a woman gives birth and during sexual intercourse, the vagina widens ... Vagina is colonized by native microbiota that is regarded as vaginal ecoorgan. ...So Bucky, you've found a vagina but you don't know how to use it. Unfortunately, vaginas do not come with instructions, proper lighting or air fresheners. ...The vagina, get to know it better. ... The vagina is the opening that is located directly below the urethral opening (where you pee from). ...Global movement and series of consciousness-raising events to end violence against girls and women through public performances, education, networking, ...If there was a vagina in there, it didn't seem to be any concern of mine ... My vagina had rewritten Joyce. It was then I knew I was going to be a writer. ...Instead his assertion that the vagina dentata was a universal fear, lurking in the unconscious of every man, went relatively unchallenged. Why? ...Articles and discussions exploring a variety of vagina and vulva topics.The normal adult vaginal mucosa with a wrinkled appearance that is seen in women of reproductive years appears at the left. The cervix has been opened to ...A visual, yet non-pornographic web site for both men and women regarding all things vagina.

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