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anti fat people "Notes from the Land of Anti-fat" was an ongoing column that Bill wrote for the now ... These movies are giving people permission to make fun of fat people. ...It's still OK to be anti-fat. Will this be the last prejudice standing? ... Except fat people. They don't get to be humanized. Posted: Sat - June 25, ..."Anti-fat" leptin pills have been tried on obese people, and they don't seem to work. It turns out that these people are not overweight because they are not ...Americans, we are constantly told, are the fattest people on the planet. ... The whole anti-fat genre makes much of the fact that fast food companies spend ...When asked why fat people had to pay more, a Blue Cross of California ... seeks to dissuade doctors and other healthcare providers of their anti-fat bias. ...The researchers found that people of all weight categories exhibited a significant implicit anti-fat bias. Thinner people held stronger implicit and ...Thinner people held stronger implicit and explicit negative attitudes than heavier people. Obese and very obese people exhibited only an implicit anti-fat ...The only true anti-fat drugs are exercise and an an appropriate diet. But you can't sell that to fat people for $100 a bottle! ...Americans are more "anti-fat" than people in most other countries, according Chris Crandall, KU assistant professor of psychology. ...People can be more anti-fat than you'd expect. As for accuracy, techies are surrounded not just by anti-fat rhetoric, but also scholarly-appearing articles ...

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