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MSUMON is a z/OS application to monitor the service units consumption rate (MSU/h) in the LPAR it is running in. It issues WTOs to console when the LPAR MSU/h mean consumption for the last 4 hours equals or exceeds the user specified threshold.

Table of Releases

Rel. Name Rel. Date Main Features
2006-12 Dec 2006 First release in english.
2006-04b Jul 2006 Corrected garbage-in-report bug.
2006-04 Apr 2006 Structure changed from one TCB to four.
Added support for STOP and MODIFY commands.
Added support for AMODE=31,RMODE=ANY in non-TSO executions.
No-name < Apr 2006 MSU/h consumption monitoring and warning WTO issuing.


The application is distributed by its author, Angel Luis Dominguez, from who it can be requested via e-mail ( It can also be downloaded from this page.

Application Download

Release 2006-12
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