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Stand-alone programs


saGAMES is a stand-alone program with games for the S/370 and ESA/390 architectures. I usually refer to it as "the most useless software ever written" :-)

In its current version, saGAMES implements two games: tic-tac-toe and SUDOKU. The SUDOKU solver logic has been taken from the sudoku-1.0.1 package for Unix/Minix by Michael Kennett.

It runs on S/370 (both in basic-control mode and in extended-control mode), ESA/390 and z/Arch machines (or emulators). The distribution includes program images to IPL from card-readers, tape/cartridge units and, only for ESA/390 and z/ architectures, CD/DVD-reader. It can also be IPLed from DASD.

Version 1.2
  • Download file: saGAMES_1.2_2008-11.tar.gz
  • Size: 445,402 (444.7 KiB)
  • md5sum: 4a2d99878005c388546059c57030a234
  • sha1sum: 2fd511695fb33164b227ee37715d1b97ee98d25c
Version 1.1b
  • Download file: saGAMES_1.1b_2007-04.tar.gz
  • Size: 77,252 (75.4 KB)
  • md5sum: 4c806ca16c9215f42455488734130382
  • sha1sum: 1d81a47f295367a95905b286ccae1367334848cc
Version 1.1 Version 1.0


saLOADER is a loader for the S/370 and ESA/390 architectures. It allows to load other stand-alone programs, in object-code format.

It runs on S/370 (both in basic-control mode and in extended-control mode), ESA/390 and ESAME machines (or emulators).

Version 1.2
  • Download file: saLOADER_1.2_2007-11.tar.gz
  • Size: 50,688 (49.5 KiB)
  • md5sum: 6a985bdb22f50630abc96b0bfbdcf62c
  • sha1sum: 7c14a37fed1f2e1da383cffed3980883007cfc4b
Version 1.1b
  • Download file: saLOADER_1.1b_2007-04.tar.gz
  • Size: 29,558 (28.9 KB)
  • md5sum: d7211a91f8ac8e227707fbf56a9a65f2
  • sha1sum: 3874c2bdb4c73d6e1fda16e309933bc47a38e16a
Version 1.1 Version 1.0