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The Basslines

Rockin' Frisco '78 

          If you play that instrument with a long neck, some fat strings and that deep sound and you love rock & roll you can find here my favourite Garry´s basslines. If you are interested in a particular song and you are too busy or too lazy to figure it out yourself e-mail me and I try to upload it as soon as possible. If you´ve got a song transcribed and you want to tell your friends that you are a part of The Farm just send me the song. (don´t worry about the format). Some of this songs are completely transcribed, but most of them are only parts that I especially like. Since this is not standard notation you need to listen to the recording to get it.   

Point Blank: There are two reasons for this song to be the first one: #1 It´s one of Garry´s favourite basslines. #2 It´s one of my own favourite basslines. Many guys need to write a 300 page book to tell the story that Bruce tells in this song. Well if you try not to listen to the lyrics and pay atention to the bass you´ll be able to feel the tragic romanticism and the drama of Bruce's words in Garry's melodic and soulful line. What else can I say? This bassline tells a story on its own.

Fire: If you have heard the song I'm sure you don't need to ask why it's here.

Glory Days: The ultimate bar band rocker. I'll include this one because you don´t need  a seven piece band to play it.

Further on up the Road
: Classic Garry. 2000 Tour premier. Go to The Vault for the sound file.

The E Street Shuffle: The funkiest of them all. Rescued for the 2000 tour with the E Street Band. Thanks!!!

The River: A Classic song. It had to be here.

Bring On the Night:
This one is from Tracks. Do you ever wonder what you could do with a simple major scale and a truckload of musicianship?...and it rocks too!!!

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out: Great horns, great guitar, great bass. 

Wreck On The Highway: Pure, simple, beautiful. 'nough said!

The Ties That Bind: A powerful song with a powerful bassline. My advice: Play it HARD!!!

Kitty's Back: This is the intro to the song under the guitar solo. Blues time!!!

Incident On 57th Street: Go to 4:00 and enjoy the interplay between Bruce's voice and Garry's bassline.

The Fever: What can I say? I got it, I got it, IGOT IT!!!

Hungry Heart: Stacatto time. Do you play weddings? Everybody knows this one.

Darlington County: Requested by Salah but you can enjoy it too.

All Night Long: A great rockin' song from The Darkness sessions. Go to The Vault to download the sound file. A lot of licks to spice up your rock vocabulary. Lead bass!!!

Drive All Night: I'm sure all of you can figure out this song. The reason why I have included it here is the lesson that all of us can learn. If the song calls for root to the kick drum that's all you must play, otherwise you'll be overplaying. Concentrate on your tone, it's not that easy to play a simple line like this for six minutes with almost no variations and make it sound as good as it sounds on this recording.

Born To Run: A milestone in Bruce career and one of the greatest songs in R'N'R History.

Murder Incorporated: A powerful song requested from Italy.

Darkness on the edge of town
: This classic song has been requested for a young band from Germany. Let's feed the new generations.

Fourth of July Asbury Park (Sandy): One of my favs. Another soulful bassline that tells a story on its own.

Badlands: While the bass is almost lost in the mix of Darkness On The Edge of Town, Garry shone in the '78 Tour and brought his lines to life on stage.

Prove it All Night: More Darkness power.

Promised Land: Even More Darkness.

Adam Raised a Cain: No Comments.

You're Missing: Probably my favorite song out of The Rising.

Murder Incorporated (v.2): Another tab for MI.

Trapped: Check the basslines in the chorus.

Racing In The Street: This song live gives Garry a lot of room for melodic bass.

Growin' Up: The first song from "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J." featured in this section.

Atlantic City: This song was originally released in ‘Nebraska’ (acoustic). But this is tabbed from  the full band version included in ‘Live from NYC’ (2001).

American Skin: Controversial as it can get.

Downbound Train: Requested by a fellow bassist.

Because The Night: One of the cornerstones of the live shows during the 78 tour.

Thunder Road: Probably my fav together with Backstreets from Born to Run.

Two Hearts: Another one from The River.

Independence Day: The definitive father-son song.

Jungleland: The closing epic song by excellence.

Out In The Street: The party side of The River.

Sherry Darling: More party song for the summertime.

I've got NYC Serenade and Rosalita in the works and several requests on the list: Growin' Up and Because the Night.


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