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The Bass Links

      This is a small selection of websites dedicated to the Bass Guitar.  These are the ones that I usually visit, but there are lots of them that you can find helpful or interesting. if you have visited a website that you think that should be here just let me know.

THE DUDE PIT: Home od the Dude. Several Forums related to the bass guitar. Check the MusicMan Forum if you're a fan of these instruments. I'm always around.

TALK BASS: A great site for bass players with forums, tabs, gear reviews, etc.

THE BASS GEAR REVIEW PAGE: Lots of bass related reviews from users. Get info from other players before buying that gear your guitar player told you really needed it to be cool enough (hey just jokin' 6 stringers:^D).

ALT.GUITAR.BASS THE WEBSITE: Website for the Alt.Guitar.Bass news group. You'll find the profiles of the regulars in this n.g. (myself included), sound samplers of basses, the n.g. FAQ, and more.

HARMONY CENTRAL BASS RESOURCES: In one word: Huge! This is the place to start searching anything related to bass guitar.

THE BOTTOM LINE: An electronic digest devoted to bass playing. No relationship with the NYC club.

THE RECORDING FAQ: The place if you want to record your own music. 

THE BASS TAB ARCHIVE: The place to find tablature to almost any song, and I say almost because there is no Garry's basslines available.That's why we have The Basslines in Garry's Corner.

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