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This is a small selection of websites dedicated to Bruce Springsteen and the E Streeters.    These are the ones that I usually visit, but there are lots of them that you can find helpful or interesting. if you have visited a website that you think that should be here just let me know.  


OFFICIAL BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN PAGE: It seems like they are trying to do their best with the page, let's give 'em a chance. Right now you can find info about The Rising album and tour.

BROTHERS UNDER THE BRIDGE: a great website by Jersey native and UK resident CJ Lacava. Worthwhile the visit.

BACKSTREETS: This is the website of the best Bruce magazine. I've got my subscription and if you are into Bruce and the E Street Band you should get yours.

GREASYLAKE: One of the biggest websites about Bruce. Everything you can imagine is here.

BRUCE BASE & ON THE TRACKS: All the info you may need about Bruce and them some more.

NEW JERSEY ON LINE: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: You can find great stuff about our other Jersey hero in this site.

POINT BLANK: Web page of the editors of  the fanzine with the same name. English and Spanish versions.

: The online music shop by the same guys who run the Point Blank fancine.

THE BOOTS: Flynn McLean's site. Full of BOOTleg information.

DANNY FEDERICI: I'm sure you know this guy. The site is up and running again.

STEVE VAN ZANDT: And this other guy too. A great design and good info.  

NILS LOFGREN: And what About this one?

MAX WEINBERG: This fan page is packed with information about our favourite drummer.

CLARENCE CLEMONS: The website of the Big Man.

CANDY'S ROOM: Colleen's Bruce Page. A real Jukebox Graduate.

EL TEMPLO DEL BOSS: Eduardo Guerrero's page. Discography, lyrics, setlist, MIDI, pictures, ... The best Bruce site in spanish.

THE JERSEY SHORE TOUR: I'm sure that many times, while you were listening to Bruce's music you have dreamed you were walking down the boardwalk in Asbury Park or driving through Route 9. Now, you can feel it even if you don't have the chance to go there.If you wanna get that feeling you MUST visit Bill King (from) Neptune, Heshy and Sue's page.

JOSEPH SCHREFEL GUITAR TABS PAGE: Guitar tabs for every Bruce album and them more. The best I have found.

WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY:  A nice website by a German fan. Check the section about Bruce's guitars.

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