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          Learn more about the people who deserves a place in the history of Garry's Corner. All of them have helped to improve this website and make my time reading my correspondence more exciting. THANKS.

Ron Lasalle One of the finest singers and songwriters that I have ever heard. 
Ron, the truth is I don't know how to express my gratitude to you. You did things for an unknown  guy (that could be a maniac!) that some people wouldn't do for their friends.Your album was the soundtrack of our trip from Nashville to New York City, we just coulndn't put it out of the CD player. Never forget that you have a friend in Spain.
Check Ron's website at and don't miss his album "Too Angry to Pray".

Bill King II (a.k.a. King (from) Neptune)So many things to thank...Your letters have been a great source of info and the reason why I've been in front of my computer working on my page when I should be sleeping. I love your Jersey Shore Tour (See The Boss Links).

Chris Walton: (Neptune, N.J., U.S.A.)  Thanks for giving me such a great "connection" (you know what I mean) and thanks for your letters. Maybe you are one of the nice guys that stop by and  lent me a hand when I asked for some address back in Jersey. Keep in contact.

Heshy and Sue: " would be wonderful if you could also credit a Jersey guy known as Heshy... He is the co-author or the Jersey Shore Tour and I wouldn't want to see him slighted.  As for the web site itself, a Bruce fan from Pennsylvania by the name of Sue is the one that took our rather dry text and added the photos and spiced it up and turned it into a web site. Heshy and I just wrote the copy.  A nice collaborative effort in the spirit of Bruce and the band I'd say.  Exactly the type of thing that you are doing with your site." (Bill King via e-mail) Enough said.

Paul Metsa: A great folk singer who rides the net with his great music. If you love Bruce, Dylan or Van Morrison (I'm sure you do) you'll love Paul's music. Don't miss his website (click on his name to visit it). By the way, you can download a few songs from his page and then go and buy his albums (you'll do).Thanks for the pictures and your nice letters, Paul.

Cathy Vocke: For turning Bill on to my page.

Eduardo Guerrero: For the info and for creating one of the best Bruce sites in Spanish.See The Boss Links

Marc Shapiro: For those wonderful pictures and your kind words.

Trevor (The Nichols Family): Thanks a lot for your emails and kind words. Keep in contact.

Edgar Aguilera: Fellow bass player. Thanks a lot for your transcriptions. Keep them coming.

AND LAST! BUT NOT LEAST! IN THIS CORNER!... All of you that have visited the page. thank you very much and come back soon.

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