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I'm sure you know how this section works, click on the picture and you'll get a larger image, the new picture will appear in other browser to let you click in different pictures and keep on surfing at the same time. The quality of this pictures is not always as good as I would like, that's what happens when another guy is the boss (sorry Bruce). If you've got any picture related to Garry I will thank you if you take a minute to send it to me.

Live In Barcelona 2002, Click Here.

The Marc Shapiro's Gallery, Click Here.

Do ya think we're crazy?

The Bruce Springsteen Band

Really looooong hair!

In the line of fire

Face to Face

What's happening on the right?

Helping Hand

Nice suit, Garry! Nice shoes! It's been a long time
A Funky Chicken with a funky horn Raise your hands A Guy With Style Everybody Sing!!! ...Rosalita Rockin' Philly '99
Garry, Paul Metsa & Bucky Baxter The Rock Greatest Rythm Section The Opening Night The man in black and the blonde beauty The E Street frontline '81
The River Tour '81 Hartke Amps Add Garry & Coco Garry & Bruce havin' fun Garry and his fretless
Darkness Rehearsals Darkness Rehearsals Garry & Tim Coats The Rising Tour 2003 Garry & Steve Forbert
Garry riding a car Garry in the studio 2006 Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum jam    

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