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In his Own Words

You may wonder what's the point of this section. A lot of questions without their answers? Is this guy crazy? Well, maybe, my idea is to have Garry to answer this questions so if you are Mr. Garry W. Tallent (the one in the pictures, no other Garry W. Tallent please!) and you'll have a few minutes to spend in front of your computer, please, e-mail me with the answers. Thank you.
     If you've got a question then send it to me, I expect this interview to grow and maybe we'll be lucky some day or another...
2003 Update!!! Garry told me that he's going to send me the answers to this questions. I'll upload them as soon as I get them.


What do you do when you want to have a rest from the music business (I thinks it's needless to have a rest from the music itself, at least for me)?


Can you name your favorite musicians (bass players and non bass players)?

What's the process you follow to build a bassline when you hear a new song?

Do you write your own stuff? if you do, why don't you put it out?

What's your favorite record you have ever played in?

What do you prefer, studio work or stage work?


How many instruments do you own and which ones are your favs?

Which brand of strings do you use nowadays? (Q sent by Ybonne Cieslik-Bridgen from Cambridge, england)

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