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          This section is a compilation of Garry´s work, both as bassplayer and producer. Since he still is very busy as a studio musician and producer in Nashville I would be grateful to anyone with new information about his work. If you want to add a link to any of the bands in this seccion don't hesitate and e-mail me.






Magic (2007)
The Rising (2002)
Live In N.Y.C. (2000)
18 Tracks (1999)
Tracks (1998)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995)
Greatest Hits (1995)
Tunnel of Love (1987)
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live 1975-85 (1986)
Born In The U.S.A. (1984)
The River  (1980)
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978)
Born To Run (1975)
The Wild, The Inocent, & The E Street Shuffle (1973)
Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (1973)

(Needless to say Garry has been the "Thunder from Down Under" in every live show the E Street Band has played with Bruce.)


The Believers
: Garry produced the first recording by The Believers, 1992's I'm Your Prisoner. The album was recorded in Moondog Studio and engineered by Tim Coats. Their sound has been defined as "Jersey soul", "bluesy pop" and "straight ahead rock-n-roll."

Billy Pilgrim
: This folk duo's "Bloom"  (circa 1995) has Garry on the bass duties.

Gary U.S. Bonds:  Bruce and the E St. Band lent a helpin' hand to one of their idols. Dedication (1981), On the Line (1982). Garry not only played bass,he also got credits on Dedication as associate producer and co-producer of the additional recording and mix together with Steve Van Zandt.

Cindy Bullens: In the summer of 2004, Cindy gathered with an all-star band at Ray Kennedy's Room & Board Studio in Hermitage, Tennessee, to record her sixth solo album, Dream #29. Featuring George Marinelli (Bonnie Raitt) on guitar, Dennis Burnside on keys, Ginger Cote (The Coming Grass) on drums, and Garry on bass; Dream #29 is an absorbing collection of rock & roll, balancing poignant and introspective songs with a down-and-dirty rock & roll attitude. You can check a couple of shots from the sessions here: Garry & session band.

Sonny Burguess: This former Sun Records recording artist got Garry to produce his self-titled album in 1996. Garry also plays electric bass on "Bigger Than Elvis" and "Hell Yes I Cheated", acoustic guitar and he worked on the mastering too.

Solomon Burke: Garry plays upright bass on "Nasville" (2006), this album has been recorded at Buddy Miller's house in Nashville (where else?).

Paul Burlison: On this legendary rockabilly guitarist's 1997 album "Train Kept A-Rollin,'"  Garry's credited with playing acoustic bass on the title track, and bass on "Memphis Blues" and "Trouble is I'm in Love with You."

The Burns Sisters: Garry produced and mixed their 1997 In this World.

Julian Clerc: Amours Secretes,  Passion Publique (1991).

Rodney Crowell: We've got Garry in "Until Now" and "Standin' on a Rock," Thing Called Love soundtrack (1993).

Clifford Curry: "Clifford's Blues" (1996) features no other than Mr. Garry W. Tallent on bass.

Julian Dawson: Garry produced Dawson first recording for BMG/Ariola, the 1991's  release Fragile As China. They went back into the studio for the recording of 1992's "Headlines" and "Travel On" (1995). Update: Garry appears in Spark, released in 1999.

James Deely and The Valiants: This band has recorded at Garry and Tom Elliot's Shore Fire Studios.

The Delevantes: Originally fron N.J., Garry approached the duo at a nightclub after hearing their accents and pegging them as fellow New Jerseyites.Then he joined forces with publisher Mike Porter and well-known Nashville producer Mike Clute to produce their first album, Long About That Time, where he also plays bass. Garry also played bass and produced their first album for Capitol Nashville, Postcards From Along The Way.

Bob Delevante: Garry plays bass on his new solo album "Columbus and the Colossal Mistake" (scheduled to be released on April 2006). I'll update this entry as soon as I get the album. He also played on his first solo effort: "Porchlight" released in 1999 (I love this album).

Dignus: Signed with Garry's record label D'ville Records and releases their debut album "In Your World" (1996) produced by Garry himself.

DownTown Mystic:Garry and Max guest in their song "Brian Jones". The sound of this band is influenced by 60's pop icons and 70's rockers but with a modern approach

Francis Dunnery: Tall Blond Helicopter (1995). Garry plays the bass guitar.

Steve Earle: I feel alright (1996): Garry plays bass in the closing track "You're still standin' there", a great duet between Steve and Lucinda Williams. The 2002 release SideTracks credits Garry among some of the finest Nashville bassists in the album, he plays bass in two tracks: "Time has come today" and Bob Dylan's "My back pages".

Tommy John Ehman: "Wheels of Life" (2008). Acording to the credits on this album Garry recorded the bass parts on "Moondog West" studio in Montana where Garry relocated a few years ago. You can view a gallery of the recording sessions.

The Excello Legends: Tennesee R&B (1998).

Danny Federici: Remember the name: "Flemington" that's Danny's hometown and the title of his first solo album (1997). Expect the unexpected, from the Jersey Shore sound to smooth jazz compositions. A great album where Garry together with Nils Lofgren lend a hand to his E St. mate.

Anne Feeney: Garry has played bass in several albums.

The Floating Men: This acoustic-rock trio second album "Invoking Michelangelo" (1995) has Garry on production.

Steve Forbert: Garry produced his 1988's "Streets of This Town" and played bass and produced "Mission Of The Crossroad Palms". He's also credited on mixing and production in the 2001 "Live at the Bottom Line". Garry has produced the 2002 release "Any Old Time: Songs of Jimmie Rodgers" where he joins in on electric guitar and Fender bass for "Rough and Rowdy Ways". Although minimal, he only plays additional bass in one track, Garry is credited in "Just Like There's Nothin' To It". Released on 2007, "Strange Names & New Sensations" features Garry's bass in most of the tracks.

Foster & Lloyd: Version of the Truth (1990).

Greta Gaines: No Information available at the moment.

Gigi: Garry plays bass on Gigi Dover's (former lead singer of the Rank Outsiders) 2002 release Unpicked Flowers. Rootsy country-rock.

Kevin Gordon: Garry gives a rest to his bass to produce Kevin Gordon's latest project. A limited-issue E.P. CD, "Ilinois 5 a.m." features 5 tracks from the new recording plus two previously unreleased rarities.He also works on Cadillac Jack's #1 Son (1998).

Robert Gordon: Rockabilly revivalist Robert Gordon's Live Fast, Die Young (1989), All for the Love of Rock'n'Roll  (1994) and All For The Love Of Money (1999) features Garry on bass.

Henry Gross: Garry plays bass on I'm Hearing Things (2001). He also played bass on A Promise To My Heart and No sign of Love  on the Nothing But Dreams album in 1992.

Emmylou Harris: Brand New Dance (1990).

Hoopsnakes: It´s been a long collaboration between Garry an the Hoopsnakes. He recorded and produced 1995's Ten the Hard Way as well as 1990's  Jump In and Hang On. Garry also mixed his debut studio release for the first ever national offering of the self-titled release. This blues/rock band have released four albums and they have been gigging across the Midwest for 20 years.

Michael Humphrey: "It's About Time" (2005) Garry on bass.

Phil Humphrey: "That Was Then This Is Now" (2005).

Ian Hunter:  "You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic" (1979). "Once Bitten Twice Shy"(2000)

Duane Jarvis: On Jarvis' second solo release, Far From Perfect Garry played bass and took the production duties.

Jonh Barlow Jarvis: Garry is one of the guest musicians in Pure Contours (1990). Session keyboardist John Jarvis has performed on rock and country albums since the mid-'70s with artists such as Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr., Art Garfunkel, Air Supply, and Jimmy Buffet, among others.

Evan Jones and The H-Bombs: "from high-throttle rock n' roll and blistering blues and ballads, to Tex-Mex and two step, and anything in between" The Man worked on Evan Johns & His H-Bombs (1986. producer), Bombs Away (1989, producer, mastering) and Love Is Murder (1997, producer,engineer and mixing).

J.A.M: Jersey Artists for Mankind (1986).

Mary Karlzen:  "The Wanderlust Diaries" (2007). The band features Garry on bass & Ken Coomer on drums (Uncle Tupelo & Wilco)

Robert Earl Keen Jr.: Garry worked on  A Bigger Piece of the Sky (1993) wherehe played bass, percussion and drumms and on Gringo Hoonymoon (1994).

Cheri Knight: "The Northeast Kingdom"(1998) Extremely ambitious, smart mainstream pop with a lot of indie rock and country elements. Garry plays bass in the whole album.

Fred Koller
: Sweet Baby Fred (1998).

Josie Kuhn
: Garry again on bass in her 1994 album produced by Steve Forbert. "Walks with Lions" (1995).

Lucky Man Clark: Joe "Guido" Welsh's band. His 2002 album, titled Seaworthy due by February 1, 2002 features Garry on bass in some tracks. Click for picks of the sessions:      pic1     pic2

Lance Larson- well-known musician of the Jersey Shore. His first CD, "To Make A Long Story Short: The Lost Asbury Tapes," (2001) features Garry on bass in one track: Devil's Right Hand (written by Steve Earle). The album was partially recorded in the Shorefire Studios.

Jim Lauderdale: Garry becomes a "Dream Player" on JL's latest album: "Honey Songs" (2008); other Dream players are James Burton, Glen D. Hardin and Ron Tutt from Elvis Presley’s band and Al Perkins. If that wasn’t enough vocal help arrives in the form of Emmylou, Buddy Miller, Kelly Hogan and Patty Loveless. Garry also plays bass in "In Harm's Way", "It's Hard To Keep A Secret Anymore", "What Do You Say To That", "You're Tempting Me" and "Hole In My Head" from Persimmons (1996); all tracks in Whisper (1998) but #2 and 10 and Onward Through It All (1999). 2001 Update: Garry plays bass again for Jim Lauderdale in his new album "The Other Sessions", released in June 2001. Garry has also play with him at the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year. The 2002 release The Hummingbirds  has Garry again in the credits sharing the bass duties with other great Nashville players.

RON LASALLE AND THE EAST SIDE ROCKERS: "Just the Way That I am"(1994) was recorded in Moondog Studio. Ron has a new album out now "Too Angry To Pray" that you won't regret to buy.

G.B. Leighton: "Come Alive" (1996). Bass.

Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul: Men Without Women (1982).

Bill Lloyd: "Set to Pop" (1994). First Bill Lloyd album of the post-Foster era marked a return to his pure-pop proclivities, joined by noted sidemen Al Kooper and Garry on bass in "Trampoline", "In a Perfect World" and "The S.W.A.T. team of Love".

Los Lobos: In 1987 Los Lobos released the soundtrack for La Bamba, the film about Ritchie Valens' life. Garry coproduced the song Crying, Waiting, Hoping together with Marshall Crenshaw.

Darlene Love: "All Alone on Christmas" (1992).

PAUL METSA: A folksinger  that plays folk, rock and jazz. Garry has play bass in Whistling Past the Graveyard (1993).He has a great website where you can download some of his songs for free and get pictures of him with Bruce and many others.

Buddy & Julie Miller: Garry is one of the bass players in this selftitled 2001 release.

Scotty Moore
: "All the King's Men" (1997) The original guitarist and drummer of Elvis Presley's band--Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana, respectively--teamed up with rock'n'roll icons they inspired for an album of new material with a rootsy flavor and a nod to Presley's legend. Among those icons: Mr. Garry W. Tallent on bass and engineer.

Leroy Preston: "Country Pedigree" (1997). Garry plays bass in the whole album.

The Outlaws: Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson/ Jessi Colter/ Tompall Glaser. This supergroup released Wanted! in 1976 with Garry on bass.

Randy Scruggs: The album: Crown of jewels, the song: Passin' Thru, the bass player: Yeeeeeeah!

"Stormin' Norman" Seldon: One of the Jersey Shore's first stars. It was Norman's Seldon record label that released the classic single "Molly", by shore favorites the Motifs in 1967. The band was led by brothers Walter & Raymond Cichon and had Vinny Roslyn, who would later join Steel Mill with Bruce, Vini and Danny Federici. In 1969, Norman's band, The Joyful Noize, would release their debut album featuring a then unheralded saxophone player named Clarence Clemons. For the album about the Asbury Park scene, Norman released "Misery Loves Company". Recorded in the late '70s, it features backing from Clarence, Garry, Max Weinberg, and Danny Federici. It will go down as a shore classic.

Rank Outsiders: In 1996 the band recorded their second CD, Checkpoint  at Garry’s Moondog Studio in Nahville. Rank Outsiders has a unique approach to country-influenced rock and roll.

Gwil Owen: As far as I know he was going to sign with D'ville Records and Garry would produce an album for him.

Leroy Preston: "Country Pedigree" (1997) Garry on bass.

David Sancious: Former E Streeter David Sancious (1972).

Billy Joe Shaver:  Garry plays bass on "The Earth Rolls On"(2001).

P.F. Sloan: "Sailover" (2006). Garry plays bass on 4 tracks.

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes: "Reach Up and Touch the Sky" (1981), "Better Days" (1991), "All I Want is Everything: The Best"(1993), Messin' With The Blues (2000). It's been a long time for the E Street Band and the Asbury Jukes being together and the last Asbury Jukes recording 'Messin' With The Blues' shows us Garry more involved than ever; He has not only played bass and produced the whole album, he has even cowritten five of the songs. As the title says, this album oozes blues...and them some R&B. A classic tone with a fresh approach and a live feeling makes this album a must have for all blues lovers. 

Ronnie Spector & the E Street Band: The whole E St. Band joined forces with Ronnie Spector in the recording of  "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" (1977).

Soundtrack: "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" (1992)
. Steve Van Zandt wrote All Alone In Christmas for Darlene Love (ex- Phil Spector singer) and took four other E Streeters with him to recreate the "wall of sound". Of course Garry was the bass player.

Soundtrack: "Hapy Texas" (1999). This soundtrack includes Passin' Through (Randy Scruggs) with Garry on bass.

Soundtrack: "Steal this Movie" (2000).

Greg Trooper: A Jersey native that's been around for quite sometime singing and writing good country songs.  Garry worked on "Everywhere" (1992) and produced his third album Noises In The Hallway (1996).

Various artists: No Nukes: The MUSE Concerts soundtrack (1979).

Various Artists: In Harmony 2 (1981).

Various Artists: The Sounds of Asbury Park N.J. (1980).

Various Artists: U.S.A. For Africa: We Are the World (1985).

Various Artists: J.A.M. ’86 (Jersey Artists for Mankind):  We’ve Got the Love/Save Love, Save Life (7” single, 1986).

Various Artists: "Folkways: A Vision Shared - A Tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly" (1988).

Various Artists
: "For the Love of Harry. Everybody sings Nilsson " (1995).

Various Artists: "Rig Rock Deluxe: A Musical Salute to the American Truck Drivers" (1996).

Various Artists: "One Step Up/ Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen" (1997).

Various Artists: Uprooted: The Best of Roots Country Singer/Songwriters (1998).

Various Artists: Don't worry, Sing The Blues (1998). (Producer).

Various Artists: Pop Music, The Modern Era 1976-1999 (1999). Hungry Heart(B.S.) is included in this compilation.

Various Artists: Rock: Train Kept a Rollin' (1999). Born To Run (B.S.) is included in this compilation.

Various Artists:: Garry played bass in "National Health Care Now" included in the cd "Sing we Sing" (1990) to help arm the Go We Go campaign with songs for an honest, vital Green America and to help elect Ralph Nader president. I don't know if Garry collaborated with the campaign or was just a session musician.

Various Artists:: Garry is among the bass players that appear in "From Hell to Breakfast: A Taste of Sugar Hill' Texas Singer Songwriters" (2002).

Mike Wells: Garry was producing demos for singer/songwriter, Mike Wells, in the late eighties and early nineties. Nothing of the sessions at Shorefire Studios in N.J. were officially released. Mike Wells went on to become a staff songwriter for Warner Bros. and now is working in the Christian market in Nashville. (Thanks to Alex Houton from the Alex Houton Band for the info).

Jim Witter: Garry shares the bass duties with Mike Chapman (another Nashville session great) in this artist's 1993 selftitled album.

Kelly Willis
: Well-Traveled Love (1990).

Tom Wilson: Garry plays bass in "Dog Years" (2006). In this record you can also enjoy another great bassist: Motown's Funk Brother Bob Babbitt.

Bob Woodruff:  Garry plays bass in Desire Road, the second album by the NY native Woodruff. Country-rock deluxe.

Who's Your Daddy: Garry produced "Big Love/Hi-Low" by the band from New Jersey (forerunners of The Delevantes).


The Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1995)

Standing it the shadows of Motown, The Life and music of legendary bassis James Jamerson: The title says it all. James Jamerson has been an inspirations on bass to thousands of players and some of the most respected bassists in the world give him the tribute that he deserves. Of course Garry had to be here. 

Freedom Sings: (July 25, 2000) Many of Nashville's finest musicians and songwriters celebrated freedom of expression through music at The Bluebird Cafe. This year's house band had Garry on bass. They played songs that had been censored in the past and the highlight of the night was a cover of American Skin sung by Greg Trooper. "Freedom Sings is a celebration of freedom of expression  through music.  It remindsus that the First Amendment protects all free expression, including the power, passion, and poetry of music.  The first recorded censorship of music publishing in America occurred more than 260 years ago - and attempts continue to ban, restrict, or limit music. Freedom Sings showcases songs that have been banned or censored over the past six decades. It also celebrates songwriterswho have taken a stand, composing and recording music in the face of political or social pressure."  Cover charge proceeds went to Nashville's Table, a group that feeds the hungry.

The 28's: In 1996 a tribute show marking Berry's 70th birthday Oct. 18 at 12th & Porter had performing as The 28's, a quintet of veteran rockers--Garry on bass, keyboardist Jack Irwin, guitarist Doug Lancio, guitarist Brent Little, and drummer Tommy Meyer--. The experience rose far above the usual cover-band fare to capture the carefree freedom and joyous interaction of rock at its most primal. The dance floor stayed packed throughout the evening as the band's three-hour show rolled through everything from "Maybellene" to "My Ding-a-Ling," with every band member stepping up and taking a lead vocal sometime in the evening. Originally set up as a one-off affair, the band reports that it had such a good time that it's now planning to set up another date.

Sheila Lawrence: As many of the Nashville finest musicians, Garry plays with her when she needs a bassist. 

Bruce Springsteen: When Bruce was touring with the other band, on 17 December 1992 he played at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY; Garry joined him for one song. Bruce mentioned that Garry drove from Nashville to Lexington (about a three-hour drive) to be there. I think this says something about the respect between these men.(Thanks to Hunter Hayes for the info).

Coco Montoya: Garry sat in for a few songs in one of Coco's shows in Las Vegas last March. The review is in the July/August Blues Revue together with this great picture (out now, the Fabulous Thunderbirds are on the cover.. .)(Thanks to Kay L. Roybal who wrote this review and sent me the info).

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