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We think that is very unusual to see an electric tramway in a village of about  220 people. Further more, when the tram is a private one, indoors (in an old withdrawn cellar) and running on a 10 meters track, then becomes a rarity.

The Gratallops tramway was, first of all, a personal caprice. We could define it as a toy for adults. Nevertheless, it has been built carefully, trying to give it a very real look. It is not a copy of any other tramcar, but it has been drawn in the aesthetics of some continental tramcars of the forties. The Gratallops tramway is built with some parts of old tramcars which, many years ago, ran in Barcelona tram system. Projected in 1997,  entered in service in August 1998.

Come and get on the Gratallops tramway! The trip is not a long one. It is only a walk in the past.

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Body Motor
2.445 mm
24 V DC
1.220 mm
0,18 kw
High overall/inside
2.150/1.680 mm
Maximum speed 
12 km/h
Service speed
3,5 km/h
275 kg
Track gauge
10 m

            The tramway was projected in the summer of 1997 and entered in service a year later in a withdrawn cellar,
            where you can still see a wine press.
            In 1999 a little wagon was added to the fleet. 'TRAMVIES DE GRATALLOPS', a ficticious 'company', run the

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        The little museum

Around the tramway a little exhibit has been constituted, from a private collection, on tramway subjects.  In this space of about 100 m2 we are offering more than 50 pictures as well some items and scale models in display. The exhibit now remembers the more than 100 years of the first Barcelona's buses, the almost 90 years of the 500-class tramcars, more than 70 years of the first trolleybus service, 50 years from the arrival of secondhand Washington PCC cars and the closure of the first tramway system in 1971. You can see also some pannels about the transport in the cities of Tarragona, Reus, Tortosa and the Priorat county. In the future we'll offer to researchers archives from tramway companies, drawings, tickets and more than 11.000 photographs. By now, projects about Barcelona system from 1864 are available as well the relationship between the companies and the City Council and some about Tarragona tramway.



Tramway and exhibit
can be visited BY APPOINTMENT at 15, Saperes St. . PLEASE, send us an e-mail to to check availability.

, on August you can go to PLAÇA DE DALT 4. FEEL FREE TO RING and we'll open for you. You'll be welcome !


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    Where and when to see
Where is Gratallops?
In the middle of the comarca del Priorat,  a very old wine region in the south of Catalonia. From Tarragona, nearby  the Costa Dorada ressort area,  follow the main road N-420 to Falset and, from there, the secondary road T-710 to Gratallops for an amount of  55 km. Further informations about the country can be obtained clicking on the Centre d'Estudis Falsetans logo.
Do you know Gratallops?
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Further information?
(in english, catalan and spanish)

Where is the tramway?
Go to Saperes st. nº 15. If closed, go to the nearby
plaça de Dalt nº 4 and ask for.

When can it be visited?

The little museum and the tramway can be visited on weekends and
most of the school holydays period. Check it in the open days section
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    Further information

        -  for Gratallops tramway, please use e-mail :



        - you can visit also other sites of interest for you like narrow gauge transport systems :

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Associations and little steam trains
News and systems, museums, etc around the world


and don't forget the little narrow gauge steam railway in La Vilella Baixa, 4km far away

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The tramcar, at work. March 1998
 The tramway, on trials. August 1998
Cuting the ribbon. 22nd August 1998
Opening ceremony. 22nd August 1998
The fleet. January 2000
Entering to the museum
The museum
Gran Metro trailer car
Barcelona's trolleybus 511, 1:16
The museum
The museum
The museum
The museum
Barcelona's PCC 1617 tramcar, 1:16
Tarragona's horsedrawn tramcar 5, 1:16
Museum visitors


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