The Walden Community: building a socially and ecologically developed culture.




Community Description

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Community Description

This community's reason to be is personal, interpersonal and cultural development, resulting in the building of an essentially new culture, characterized by a permanent search for the Good, for Truth and Beauty. Thus, we face social and ecological problems from a perspective of primary prevention, which really allows to get out of doing patchwork. Four basic pillars of the above mentioned development that we intentionally choose and for which we find a symbol in the name "Walden Community" are: 

  1. personal change, indispensable for meaningful social change; 

  2. a model of society based on equality, cooperation and genuine friendship, within small, self-manageable communities;

  3. ecology as a basic criterion for all our behaviors; 

  4. the application, to every aspect of life, of scientific psychology, with an integrative, yet neither mentalistic nor spiritualistic approach (see Beyond Walden Two). 

The Walden Community was founded in Spain in 1996. We are five members (three adults and two children). We practice a preventive concept of health. According to it, as well as to vital ecological reasons, we choose vegan nutrition (pure vegetarian, free of animal products, see Links: Veganism) and natural medicine. Members self-determine their behavior by their own commitment with the principles they build every day (as personal as well as community's principles), not by following a code of rules. We have a non-political, non-religious, non-dogmatic approach; we promote not speeches but reflection and debate, not indoctrination but personal development. 

We are an egalitarian community. We share our income and we all participate in basic tasks, in access to knowledge, and in decision making through consensus. We practice communal education, in which all members, regardless of their age, educate and are educated by all the other members. We are permanently engaged in building more developed cultural practices, alternative to most of what we learned in the dominant culture. We are not a primitivist, traditionalist or futurist community. We keep or change our principles and practices according to their personal, social and ecological meaning and consequences. Our social structure is based on true and deep friendship and not on family. We defend monogamy and respect pertinent individual privacy. In order to preserve our identity as a culture, we keep an aware position in our outer contacts. 

If you are specifically interested in this community, you can write to us making your comments to our texts and telling us about yourself and the personal, social and ecological reasons that bring you to consider becoming a member of this community. As this community has very specific features, and given our experience with people who were initially interested in making part of it (no new member has joined since its foundation), we have arrived to the conclusion that the better way of avoiding emotional involvement for both sides is to develop a deep and extensive written communication before any visit, in order to clarify whether you can come to see this community as the crucial option for your life.

In order to know if this is the community you are looking for, you don't need to evaluate yourself in terms of whether you are doing now the practices we talk about, but of whether your are motivated to change or strengthen in yourself anything you come to know as relevant for building a more developed culture, from a social and ecological point of view. 

Contact: kapok1* (substitute @ for the *).

May, 2004.