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penes penes aliquem esse to be in the hands of someone. 2. Possession: belonging to. penes te culpa est the guilt is yours ...Project info for PeNES. Page created 24 Oct 2002 by rizen (Observer) ... PeNES is an NES emulator coded entirely in C++, designed to be highly portable and ...The formal Latin plural, "penes" is rarely seen or heard. "Peni" and "penii" would be the Latin plurals of "penus" and "penius". penile: Of the penis. ...Definition and other additional information on Penes from Biology-Online.org dictionary.Search Mamma.com for "penes". TYPE IN YOUR WORD & CLICK GO! Search:. Normal, Definitions, Short defs. (Pronunciation Key). pe·nes Listen: [ p n z ] ...Yahoo! Answers is a new way to find and share information. You can ask questions on any topic, get answers from real people, and share your insights and ...The penis (Third Declension, p. nominative "penes," p. genitive "penum," p. dative "penibus," p. accusative "penes," p. ablative "penibus," s. nominative ...Many people who deal with penises professionally use the Latin-style plural penes instead. That's fine too, but even among urologists, penises seem to ...(NT) penes by jas0nhe (see profile) - 09/21/05 9:27 AM. Icon legend:. Locked. Moderator. CNET Editor. Read. Unread. Message 1 of 1 ...Noticias curiosas, insolitas, raras ... pero rigurosamente ciertas.

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