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bump vagina lip 06/21/2006. Discharge and vaginal lips, 06/21/2006. Bumps after sex, 06/21/2006. Cleaning vagina, 06/21/2006. Yeast infection, 06/21/2006 ...hello, my name is Jeza and I've just discovered a lump on my vagina lip just a few minutes ago. I'm frantically searching the interenet for answers and this ...Bumps on upper thigh and some on the inner lips of my vagina ... Wouldn't call it a bump....maybe a growth on the edge of vagina lip · Vaginal area ...Patient medical question and answer from The Women's Health Forum. Health topic area and articles about women and cancer Topics: ,.6/03 — swallowing semen; 6/01 — A bump inside the big lips of vigina; 6/01 — what is the proper method for shaving the hair on a vagina? ...Last November, I noticed a lump under the skin on the right side of my vagina lips (sorry I don't know the correct term). Since then, it has progressed into ...Once you’ve examined the area covered by pubic hair (the mons and the outer lips), spread your outer vaginal lips apart and take a close look at the hood of ...I just discovered a couple of little bumps outside my vagina. ... can get hpv on your lip i have small white btiny bumps they are spreading it looks like my ...I have a bump on my vagina near the hole. I never had sex and I'm not on my period. ... Is it necessary to have the surgery to make your inner vagina lip ...Thus, the vulva is the vaginal "lips" and surrounding area. ... 1) A Lump or Bump ("Mass") on the vulva is the most common first sign, it can become a sore ...

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